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Cris Meadows


"The Female Leader Series" 


Cris Meadows is the co-author of "The Female Leader" This is a book that every woman should have! The Female Leader" is A must-read for women seeking leadership positions and for those currently serving as leaders or for self -leadership for your personal life. This book is filled with 33 strategies for exceptional leadership, mind, body and soul. Written by international coaches, consultants, and CEO's.

Topics include: self-empowerment, building solid relationships, listening to your inner-voice, the secret language of men, from obstacle to opportunity, the many faces of leadership, and more! Excellent women's leadership resource for corporations, organizations, professional women, and leadership coaches.

Cris Meadows has designed Leadership Classes to meet women in the area of their needs. She provides tools to help you make a difference in your outcome and to change your mind, in order to change your life!

Call Cris today to facilitate your organization, church, job or private event! Call 317.507.5961

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